Installing a stair lift is a simple and quick solution for making existing and newly built stairs accessible.

These devices are available in platform (lift-top) and chair versions, which offer a flexible solution for residential buildings and public buildings, both outdoors and indoors.

In accordance with the different architectural features - straight or multi-arm stairs - and individual needs, the platform (elevating plate) equipment is available in several sizes and colors, and in the case of chairlifts, there is a wide selection available in the color selection of the chair and guide rail, which options are always implemented according to the customer's needs. 

All stairlifts distributed by our company have an energy-efficient design, their installation does not require substantial electrical conversion of the building, so their installation does not take more than 1 day.

Every stairlift comes with a radio remote control that increases freedom. All our equipment complies with European safety regulations and technical standards, in addition, our company provides a full warranty for all stairlifts it installs.