Dismantling, correcting unsafe condition

The intention of correcting unsafe conditions is the elevator can not be switched on. In this case the elevator must be in a condition, that nobody, except from the elevator professional, can put the elevator in operation, also all risks of injuries and emergency condition can be eliminated.

After correcting the unsafe conditions only a certified elevator expert can put the elevator back in operation. Only our most experienced colleagues conduct correctional works as well as our certified elevator experts who manage certification tasks.

If an elevator will be dismantled due to any reason, like demolition of the building it takes place or change of the elevator, the work must be carried out with outstanding circumspection with respect to the high risk of accidents. Beside the safety risks, the treatment of waste generated during the dismantling process and the concerning regulations demand profoundness and experience thus making the demolition a highly compund work.

Our company posesses the full range of technology and experience  (included the occupatinal safety and environmental protection regulations) required to dismantling and re-installation with high plane of experience.