About Us

Lifttechnika Kft. was founded in 1990 as a privately held company. 

Throughout the years we become one of the best known and trusted family companies in the elevator and accesibility industry in Hungary. Our portfolio is comprehensive, we design, manufacture, install and maintain home lifts, idustrial lifts, residential lifts, public lifts, hospital lifts and offer customized accessibility solutions.


Beside our customized lift solutions, we distribute the products of Kone, Otis, Schindler and many more like

Wittur Group (Germany)

Kleemann S.A. (Greece)

Klefer S.A. (Greece)

GMV Srl. (Italy)

BKG Gmbh. (Germany)

Metallschneider Gmbh. (Germany)

Aufzugteile Gmhb. (Germany)

ETN Gmbh. (Germany)


In accessibility solutions we are the flagship partner of Vimec Srl.  since 1995 in excusive home-lift and accesibility solutions.

By 2022 Lifttechnika Kft. had a share of more than 6% of the industry in Hungary. By this year we prepared more than 3000 technical documentations with installing 1500 accesibility soultions also manufactured and installed around 1000 elevators in Hungary. Beside designing and manufacturing we maintain and service 700 elevators and accesibility units around the whole country.


Our mission is to offer an extensive range of innovative and high quality products to provide the freedom of movement for our customers.

We think. We design. We elevate.